Head Office

Head Office

Ing. Juraj Kožuch, PhD.
Director General (100)

Ing. Ján Julény
Head of the Internal Control Division (102)

Ing. Beatrix Galandová
Head of the Internal Audit Division (105)

Ing. Kolesárová Eva, PhD.
Director of Horizontal Issues Department (106)

Ing. Martin Kindl
Office of the Director General (110)

Mgr. Dagmar Tureková
Head of the Personal Office (120)

Ing. Vladimír Vnuk
Executive Director (140)

Ing. Jurij Daškevič
Director of the IT Section (200)

Ing. Jaroslav Remža, PhD.
Director of the Control Section (300)

Ing. Lucia Szlamenková
Director of Project Supports Section (400)

Ing. Mária Zemaníková
Director of the Direct Supports Section (500)

Ing. Viera Königová
Director of the Payment Section (600)

Ing. Martina Rafajová, PhD.
Director of the Market Organization and State Aid Section (700)