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General information about the section

  • advertises formal notices, receives, registers, checks, processes and contracts applications for non-repayable financial contributions within the Rural Development Programme of SR 2014-2020
  • prepares and updates methodology for applicants
  • monitors the limits of fundings under SOP Agriculture and Rural Development of SR 2004-2006, Rural Development Plan of SR 2004-2006 and Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 and 2014-2020
  • checks payment applications and proposals for payments to beneficiaries in compliance with the EU and Slovak legislation
  • monitors the implementation of measures and programmes, creates monthly reports on SOP projects Agriculture and Rural Development 2004-2006 and Rural Development Plan 2004-2006, Rural Development Programme of SR 2007-2013 and 2014-2020
  • prepares basic specification for the creation of IS and cooperates in testing of the system
  • cooperates with checking section and payments section in the matters of payments authorization and irregularities and in elaborating of X-tables
  • makes reports on the programme implementation for the Ministry of Agriculture of the SR and for other relevant institutions
  • in cooperation with external relations department provides information in accordance with the Act on Free Access to Information
  • makes statements on audit findings


Rural Development Policy as a part of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union serves for reaching sustainable rural development. From the European Commission perspective, the legislative proposal is drafted in a way that CAP would decisively contribute to the implementation of the strategy "Europe 2020 – A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth".


Rural development in the European Union countries in 2014-2020 is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and pursues the following objectives:

  • the most important strategic goal of the programme is strenghtening the competitiveness of agricultural sector (agriculture, forestry and food industry).
  • the second strategic goal is sustainable management of natural resources and adaptation to climate change.
  • the third strategic goal is achieving a balanced territorial development of rural economies and communities including job creation and maintenance.

The programming document for use of financial resources from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) – the so-called second pillar is Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 (RDP of SR 2014-2020). Allocated funds from EAFRD for the SR amount to EUR 1 545 272 844.


1. Knowledge transfer in agriculture and forestry (transversal priority)

  • Human capital and smart networking in agriculture and forestry
  • Innovation and the knowledge base of agriculture and forestry
  • Strengthening the links between agriculture and forestry / research and development

2. Competitiveness of agriculture and farm viability

  • Restructuring of farms facing major structural problems
  • Generational renewal in the agricultural sector

3. Food chain organisation and risk management in agriculture

  • Integrating primary producers into the food chain
  • Supporting farm risk management

4. Preserving and enhancing ecosystems dependent on agriculture and forestry

  • With a focus on: biodiversity/landscapes, water, soil management and carbon sequestration

5. Resource efficiency and the transition to a low carbon economy in the agri-food and forestry sectors

  • Production of renewable energy in agriculture and forestry
  • Reducing nitrous oxide and methane emissions from agriculture

6. Job creation and the renewal of rural areas

  • Diversification, fostering creation of small businesses and job creation
  • Fostering local development in rural areas (LEADER)
  • Promotion and use of ICT in rural areas


Rural Development Programme of SR 2014-2020 covers the entire territory of Slovakia.

The territorial unit is subdivided into Less developed regions, including the following regions: Western Slovakia (Nitra, Trenčín and Trnava regions), Central Slovakia (Banská Bystrica and Žilina regions) and Eastern Slovakia (Košice and Prešov regions).

Bratislava region is supported within the framework of other regions (Other region).

The difference in supporting activities between less developed regions and other regions consists in different share of funding of eligible public expenditure.


1 – Knowledge transfer and information actions (Article 14)

2 – Advisory services, farm management and farm relief services (Article 15)

4 – Investments in physical assets (Article 17)

5 – Restoring agricultural production potential damaged by natural disasters and catastrophic events and introduction of appropriate prevention actions (Article 18)

6 – Farm and business development (Article 19)

7 – Basic services and village reveal in rural areas (Article 20)

8 – Investments in forest area development and improvement of the viability of forests (Articles 21-26)

10 – Agri-environmental-climatic measure (Article 28)

11 – Organic farming (Article 29)

12 – Natura 2000 and Water Framework Directive payments (Article 30)

13 – Payments to areas facing natural or other specific constraints (Article 31)

14 – Animal welfare (Article 33)

15 – Forest-environmental and climate services and forest conservation (Article 34)

16 – Cooperation (Article 35)

19 – Community-led local development (LEADER) (Article 35 of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013)

20 – Technical assistance at the initiative of the Member States (Articles 51-54)

Implementation of project measures within the Rural Development Programme of the Slovak Republic 2014-2020 as of 15 July 2015

By 15 July 2015 there were 9 calls for applications for non-repayable financial contributions (NFC).

Call number Measure number Submeasure number Deadlines for NFC applications
1/RDP/2015 4 4.3 – Support for investments concerning infrastructure related to the development, modernisation or adaptation of agriculture and forestry – E. Investments concerning infrastructure and access to forest land from 31/08/2015 to 18/09/2015
2/RDP/2015 8 8.3 – Support for prevention of damage to forests from forest fires and natural disasters and catastrophic events from 31/08/2015 to 18/09/2015
3/RDP/2015 8 8.4 – Support for restoration of forests damaged from forest fires and natural disasters and catastrophic events from 31/08/2015 to 18/09/2015
4/RDP/2015 19 19.1 – Preparatory support from 20/07/2015 to 28/07/2015
5/RDP/2015 4 4.3 – Support for investments concerning infrastructure related to the development, modernisation or adaptation of agriculture and forestry – D. Building of joint facilities and measures from 14/09/2015 to 24/09/2015
6/RDP/2015 4 4.1 – Support for investments in agricultural holdings from 02/09/2015 to 14/09/2015 for measures 6, 7, 8
  from 05/10/2015 to 30/10/2015 for measures 1, 2, 4, 5
7/RDP/2015 6 6.4. – Support for investments in creation and development of non-agricultural activitiesí from 10/09/2015 to 21/09/2015
8/RDP/2015 4 4.2 – Support for investments in processing/marketing and/or development of agricultural products from 21/09/2015 to 29/09/2015
9/RDP/2015 6 6.1 – Start-up aid for young farmers from 12/10/2015 to 08/01/2016